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Life can sometimes feel hard for all of us and, despite the wealth of resources out there about how best to look after oneself (especially post-Covid); occasionally we need confidential, professional help and support.

I run a private counselling and dramatherapy practice in Ealing, West London offering individual sessions to adults and young people – both short term and long term. 

Through the therapeutic relationship, we can work together to help you find meaning and insight in all that you are experiencing, whether it be deeply traumatic, painful or just confusing and – crucially - find a way through it. As my approach as a counsellor is integrative, we will find the right way to work together that suits you. For some, this may mean we spend time exploring past experiences and relationships which are impeding and holding you back in your present life.  Working in this way, can help free you from the shadows of the past. For others, however, we may focus more in the here and now on current life events that are causing you pain, with a lens on the cycle of behaviours and unhelpful thoughts that you may be stuck in . We then look at strategies to help you break through.

Originally trained in dramatherapy, creativity is at the heart of the work I do. However, this does not mean we will be working with the arts unless you wish to.  It does, however, mean that I believe that most of us are lucky enough to be born with an innate and creative spontaneity and drive which sadly often gets lost along the path of life. The counselling I offer will help you to reconnect with this lost, or hidden part.

Finally, at the centre of our sessions, will be our professional relationship. This will be the bedrock of our work together, built on trust, containment and support at all times.

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